Do You Have Undiagnosed Hypothyroid?

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  I shared with you recently that I found out that I am having thyroid problems.  But what does that even mean?   I guess we first should talk about what the heck your thyroid is anyway.   As you … Continued

Nicaragua: Gigante to Popoyo

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I arrived in Playa Gigante with enough daylight to explore, although there wasn’t much to see. An old fishing village turned surf ‘town,’ Gigante is too small to really call a town. There are some hotels/hostels, a couple of restaurants, … Continued

Nicaragua: La Isla de Ometepe

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After a few days of lying low, slathering myself in aloe and coconut oil, and allowing my burn to heal I woke up and knew it was time to go. So much of this trip was just listening to my intuition. … Continued

My Introduction To Nicaragua

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So my first week in Nica has pretty much just been an adjustment week. Further proving to myself 2 weeks is not nearly long enough.   I have discovered I think what I wanted was vacation, but I defaulted to … Continued

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