Food For Thought: Live Outside the Lines

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    I like lines. Parameters. Rules. Coloring outside the lines makes me uncomfortable. Notebooks without lines to write on bother me. My writing gets  angled, moving upwards and downwards.  Messy.   I love having someone draw up their expectations, … Continued

Let Go Of Suffering

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  Are you stuck?  Allowing yourself to be unhappy simply because it’s scary to jump out into the unknown?  Don’t let the familiarity, the comfort of what you know, prevent you from reaching your full potential and creating a life … Continued

Downfalls of Perfectionism

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  For as long as I can remember I’ve been labeled a perfectionist. My mom would always recount a 5th grade spelling test as an example. My goal was to get 100% on every one. Well, I missed a word … Continued

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